Tim was born March 25, 1963 on Long Island, New York. From the time he was little, he loved all sports, excelling in most. He was always one step ahead of most of us, planning his next adventure. In school he was often moved to a front row; otherwise, if left in the back would daydream about what he and his friends could do. During his teenage years he played baseball and football for his Cold Spring Harbor High School.

Tim moved to Burbank, California, lived with his Dad and attended Glendale College, while working two jobs. Tim married Leigh Petherbridge in 1988 and had his first daughter, Sydney, in 1990 and his second, Devon, on his 30th birthday in 1993.

Tim loved his family and home. He was proud of his beautiful wife and two girls. On Saturdays, while Leigh worked, he enjoyed working out in his garage while watching his children play with their friends in the cul-de-sac where they lived. Tim loved Halloween and the parties he and Leigh had; everyone was always in costume and Tim ‘scared’ them with his ‘foggy’ and spooky entrance. Tim’s family and friends were very important to him and he enjoyed them as he did most of life. Tim had many lifelong friends and was there to help and encourage them.

Tim always challenged himself in one sport or another and greatly enjoyed the camaraderie of friends and teammates. He ran, biked, worked out and took pride in his excellent physic. When we jokingly called him “Adonis’, he pranced like a peacock. In 1990 Tim was accepted as a competitor on the television sports show American Gladiator. He competed for numerous weeks, endured the strenuous and difficult games and attained overall Second Place, losing the last contest by three seconds. In 1997 Tim and 3 of his friends entered a California Triathlon, once again challenging themselves to limits most of us couldn’t endure.

In March 1998 (his 35th birthday) Tim was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer and passed away in December of that year.

Tim was a true ‘Gladiator’, demonstrating his strength and courage during this last challenge of his life. As his body grew weaker and weaker, he never complained and tried to be a good husband, father, son and friend. When he lost his hair, four of his friends, with his wife’s planning and help, surprised him and shaved their heads too.

We all miss Tim greatly, his smile and laughter, strong hands and body and big heart. As his Dad told him during the last hours of his life, He is and always will be our “Hero’.


The Tim Goldrick Jr. Golf Tournament was the brainchild of Tim’s Step-dad, Tom Wolkiewicz. The first tournament in 1998 was a benefit for Tim, to raise money to send him to Germany for an Alternative Medicine cancer treatment. After word got out, Tim’s family, friends and work associates supported the day beyond anyone’s imagination. The tournament was held over two days with over 225 golfers and was a great success! During this weekend, unbeknownst to most of us, Tim asked Tom (should things not go well for him) if he would continue the tournament in his name, donating any profits to charity. Tim thanked Tom, told him how much he loved him and said that the tournament was one of the most wonderful times of his life. In September, Tim, his wife Leigh, his Dad Tim and his Mom Rowena went to Germany.

This year, 2008, will be the Tenth memorial Tournament. Tom and our “team member” friends continue to work each and every year to make the tournament successful. Likewise, Tim’s family and friends continue to support our endeavors. Tom is relentless in his planning and coordination of this tournament. Through Tom’s efforts and the support of the golfers and sponsors, we have given thousands of dollars to charities in our son’s name.

We know Tim is with us during our tournaments; smiling, laughing and sharing in the love of this wonderful day. We know he is very proud.

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